Arvind Narayanan on why enterprise software sucks. His main example are baby clothes, where two different groups of stakeholders exist: People who want to buy a cute outfit, and people who actually want to quickly dress and undress their kids.

The fact that people who are buying the software are not always the people who are using the software is a fundamental truth that has a direct impact on the motivation of developers. I have seen many people run into a trap of developing a “user friendly software” without an understanding about who is actually buying the software. It can be very frustrating putting a lot of effort into a fancy dashboard no one uses as opposed to improving the parts of the software the users are frequently using.

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Performance Metrics for fast web apps. This article handles lots of quirks of JavaScript in a browser. In conclusion, it’s not obvious which metrics should be used, but once you know it, it’s not too difficult:

Measure time starting at event.timeStamp

Measure time ending at in a requestAnimationFrame()

Ignore anything that happened while the tab was not focused

Aggregate data using “% of events that are under target”

Visualize multiple thresholds

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I normally don’t have the time to read long articles, especially since many texts seem to include a lot of unnecessary fluff or explanations which are not really necessary. I did, however, fully read Typing with pleasure, which explains a lot about typing in general - especially what happens between a single keypress and the finished rendering of the updated character on the screen. It even starts before that, explaining the human system and expectations before going into the technical details.

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